Machining manufacturing fitting of different industries
by metal-cutting, backup tools as well as tooling.

Being an engineering company, “VT-Engineering”, on the basis of delegate union from listed partner’s authorities, acts as integrator between a supplier and customer’s task. Complex of involved partners-manufacturers totally provides the possibility to introduce practically all nomenclature of the best models of metal-cutting, backup tools as well as tooling.


Along with mentioned above types of work, “VT-Engineering” company provides shipment of tools, engineering development, production startup and maintenance of plant machine complex in whole. Our regular customers are machine building plants, factories of defense-industrial and aerospace complex, machine building for mining, power, transport as well as agricultural machine building fields, etc.


Partners of Technical Center “VT-Engineering” are famous manufacturing companies of tools and equipment as: SNK (Japan), Jaespa (Germany), CNC Takang (Taiwan), LOCH Prazisions Bohrtechnik (Germany), STAMA (Germany), TaeguTec (South Korea), Swiss Tools (Switzerland), Vargus (Israel), KFH (Germany), Cogsdill Tool (USA), IDF (Italy), Esprit (USA). These companies in their fields strongly keep leading positions in the sphere of tools quality.


Partners-manufacturers of “VT-Engineering” company have certified international systems of tool Quality Management of their own production tooling, which correspond to the highest international Quality standards (ISO 9001:2000) of ecological (ISO 14001) and industrial (OHSAS 18001) security.

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